Client testimonials

I am not sure who to address this to as I think everyone at Medic Professionals deserves a round of applause for their excellent service.

Very helpful consultants, always help me out of sticky situations late at night when I struggle to get staff on my wards. I have never received any queries from our finance department from the submitted invoices.

The quality of the staff they provide is better than other agencies, always on time for their shifts, never had any complaints about their services. In fact, I was requested by one of our patients to send through a personal appraisal for a regular nurse that we use on weekly basis by the name of Caroline Namankwaa, the patient has quoted her as the most caring, professional and polite individual she has ever communicated with.

Medic Professionals is always the first we will call, as we know we will get the quality of service we deserve.

Jan Blightonhout

We very rarely use nursing agencies; however the Consultants at Medic Professionals have always been very pleasant and not pushy, so if the need arose I would happily use them.

I would use Medic Professionals again because of the quality, attention to detail and their thorough understanding of us as a client and ward; they consistently deliver 100%, when supplying both temporary and permanent staff.

I have to say that it was a real pleasure to work with Medic Profs, as they have an all round understanding of us as a hospital and have taken the time to spend a few hours on the wards to get a genuine feel themselves. This I can only account to them getting the nurses we require and being spot on every time. I will certainly use them again.

Maria Goones, Unit Manager

I had a call from one of your consultants a few weeks ago to introduce your company's services. At first when I took the call, I thought it was just another sales call from another agency. She was very friendly and polite when she called me, but I just too flooded with work to listen any further, so I requested her to send me an email.

I received the email with a full explanation of Medic Professionals rates and benefits of the company. As I normally do, I put her details at the bottom of my pile of agency contacts.

Over the bank holiday weekend, I was requested to come into work on my day off as there was a serious staffing issue as most of my staff didn't turn up. I started panicking as none of my bank staff were answering their phones. I immediately started calling my regular agencies. One agency said they would get back to me with a name and they never did and another one tried to temp me with a different experienced nurse. None of them could give me what I needed. I called another 3 agencies before I decided to give your agency a call and I was very impressed! The booking consultant took down my details and said they would call me back in 5 minutes. I then received a call back in 3 minutes of me making that call. I was provided with 3 nurses and a Health Care Assistant and was advised they would all be there within an hour.

They all turned up soon, one of them was 2 minutes later than the hour, but I was very impressed with the quick delivery of service. The consultant sent over off their checklists as they normally do directly to my email in a matter of minutes. All the staff were neatly presented with their ID badges and performed to their best!

I now have a total of 8 staff from Medic Professionals working for me on a shift rotational basis and will happily continue working with them. They pop in on a regular basis to check up how things are going and always bring a box of chocolates for the staff.

Speaking as a Home Care Manager, I suggest you put Medic Professionals to the test. I am sure you won't have any regrets!

Dorothy White

Nurse testimonials

I must say the registration process was very straight forward. All the staff that I dealt with were very professional and enthusiastic. No sooner than I had finished my registration, I was given my first shift. I have always had plenty of work through Medic Professions.

Brian Harvey, PICU RN

I am a PICU nurse currently working with Medic Professionals for a few weeks now. I am very impressed with their pay rates, the professional manner in which their consultants communicate with me and they offer great referral schemes for referring my friends!

I was previously registered with two other agencies, but I have now decided to leave the other agencies and independently remain with Medic Professionals. They call me on a daily basis and offer me work, never a day without any shift work.

I feel proud to say I work with Medic Professionals and will proudly wear their badge any day!

I highly recommend your registration with them and I can guarantee you won't regret it!

Ayo Yarrangua, PICU nurse

A member of the Medic Professionals team came out to my home to complete my registration as I could not make it to the office. I have worked for many different agencies but have never received such special treatment. I have always been paid on time and so far have been awarded £900 in staff referral bonuses.

Sharon Miller ITU nurse

I have been to 2 of Medic Professionals social events and have had a great time. It was great to meet other nurses that work for Medic Professionals. I was surprised that I knew so many of the faces.

Giles Milligan, A&E Nurse

I was pleasantly surprised that I received a bonus payment because I self booked my shifts. Its true that Medic Professionals looks after its staff by offering the best rates of pay. It's the best agency that I have ever worked for. I have recommended 7 of my colleagues already.

Ola Adeokun, ITU nurse

I worked for the same agency for many years. A colleague recommended that I join Medic Professionals. I was really impressed when I joined Medic Professionals. All the office staff are friendly, and everything seems very efficient. I have worked with them for the last 6 months and I will not be moving to another agency

Janet Stone Health Visitor